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Once was it when people thought having pot belly was a sign of affluence, good living and everything else in between. In fact, to belong to a certain well respected clique you need to put your big belly on display as a sign of being well off. Unfortunately, carrying accumulated belly fat is anything but healthy and a sign of well being.

Belly fat is the accumulation of deep lying fat (referred to as visceral fat) within the spaces around the internal organs of the abdominal region such as the stomach and intestines. A very good indicator of accumulated belly fat is seen when you grab portions of your belly with your hands. All that chunk you just grabbed has fat lying underneath.

The main problem with this deep lying fat (visceral fat) is that they undergo chemical reactions and release toxins which affect your overall health. Some of these toxins are cytokines which, for example, makes the body less sensitive to the insulin enzyme, predisposing it to type 2 diabetes. These cytokines do also cause  inflammations which can in turn become secondary causes of certain types of cancer e.g colon and pancreatic cancer.

There is no good news with accumulated belly fat.  A moderately sized person with significant belly fat (pot belly) shares the same risk as an overweight person with accumulated belly fat. Excessive belly fat leaves you at risk of the following diseases;
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Colon cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer 

How To Identify The Risks

You want to know if your belly size is putting you at risk of belly fat related ailments? Grab a measuring tape and measure your waist size in inches.

Watch out for the following results:

  • For women, a waist size of about or greater than 35 inches is a sign that you are accumulating visceral fat and your risks are considerable.
  • Men with a waist size equal to or greater than 40 inches are also putting themselves at risk of belly fat related ailments.
Even if your body weight is considered normal but you have waist sizes within this ranges, you need to start taking steps in reducing your belly fat .

What To Do With Accumulated Belly Fat

Getting rid of accumulated belly fat can be challenging, but the following tips and advice will prove useful in helping you reduce your abdominal fat:

  1. Eat right. Your diet needs to be healthy. Eat a lot more of fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Avoid processed foods with processed sugars, white flour and saturated fats like you have them in meats, butter and fat laden dairy products. Avoid deeply fried foods too. If you insist on eating meat go for lean meat.
  2. When you do eat, eat at the regular 8 hour intervals and in smaller portions. Doing this helps your body regulate its metabolic activities. Do not snack in between meals.
  3. Avoid carbonated drinks and packaged fruit juices. They are high in sugar and nothing more.
  4. Get into an exercise routine. Aerobic exercises such as brisk working for about 3 and half hours weekly or jogging for about one and half hours weekly would help in increasing your metabolic rate which in turn stimulates the body to use up stored visceral fat for energy.
  5.  Avoid stress. Get enough rest. When under stress the body releases cortisol (a stressor hormone). Cortisol has the rather unpleasant action of redistributing the fat in your body to areas such as the belly and buttocks. It even significantly overrides all efforts at reducing belly fat through dieting and exercise. 
  6. Sleep often and sleep well. Lack of sleep triggers stress and stress triggers release of cortisol hormone. Shortages of adequate sleep is well documented in causing weight gain and a host of other related health problems. 

Healthy Products Good For Belly Fat Reduction

Along with the tips and advice listed above to help you reduce abdominal fat, the following healthy products will also prove useful in reversing that bulging waistline.


Pure Cod Liver Oils: It seems highly unlikely that any sort of oil would be beneficial for effective body fat control but studies do show that the reverse is somewhat the case with Cod liver oils.

Cod liver oil is the essential oil extracted from the liver of the atlantic cod fish GADUS MORHUA. It is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids in the world and it contains appreciably high amounts of vitamin A & D. 

The health benefits of Cod Liver Oil is well documented as far back into the 1600's. However, recent studies do show that when cod liver oil is taken along with controlled diet, its omega 3 acids has the effect of preventing accumulation of saturated fat with the body taking up more omega 3 acids. What is more, people who ate cod fish about four to five times per week seemed to lose 4 pounds more than people who did not eat cod fish at all but followed a diet with the same amounts of fat, proteins and carbohydrates.

Further studies on this benefit of cod liver is still on going but prelimanry results do show that cod liver oils  would prove useful in controlling and effectively managing how the body utilizes stored fat at storage fatty tissues, especially those around the abdomen.


The Fantastic 4 Herbs For Belly Fat Loss: If you've heard about these for plants, you'll probably know they bring unique properties and actions to body weight control and belly fat reduction. These herbs are:
  • Aloe Ferox plant
  • Camellia Sinensis plant
  • Agathosma Betulina plant
  • Garcinia Cambogia
These four plants individual, affect the body in unique ways to help with body weight control. For example, Garcinia Cambogia with its hydroxycitric acid content (an acid similar to ascorbic acid ) is known to help control appetite by sending an appetite suppressing signal to the brain.  This mechanism of action is very useful in weight control and reversing leptin resistance known to make body weight management and control difficult. 

The Agathosma Betulina plant (also natively known as the buchu plant) is effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels in appropriate doses.  

Camellia Sinensis (also known as Green Tea) is a well known herb that promotes weight loss. Its documented weight loss properties can be traced to the activity of a crucial antioxidant green tea posses i.e Epigallocatechin Gallate. Green tea speeds up release and break down of fat stored in fat cells for utilization as energy by the body. 

Aloe Ferox plant, the last of the four, elicits colon cleansing action. It improves gastric emptying and aids regular bowel movement which in turn helps decrease the bulging belly size and keeps the body feeling lighter and healthy.

These four herbs work synergistically when combined in fixed dose formulations to produce significant results in belly fat reduction. A few commercial products are available with this potent weight control and belly fat losing synergistic formulation.

For more information on available healthy products/therapies good for body weight management, belly fat reduction and control contact us here

(UPDATED 02/05/2016)


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