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Men are generally known for their ease in sexual arousal and appetite for sex. These two qualities in play together characterizes what is generally referred to as "Libido".

It is however not uncommon for some men to experience a decrease in libido (sexual drive). In fact, low libido happens to a lot of men, but most men who experience low sex drive talk less about it. Local reports from community pharmacies show that almost 1 in 5 complaints and visits by healthy males at a neighborhood pharmacy usually has to do with issues pertaining to sex drive and energy.

Causes Of Low Libido In Men

Low sex drive can be caused by a range of factors. These causative factors could be psychological, physical , medical and even social in nature. Examples of these include;
  • Stress. This is a major cause of low libido in men today. A study published by the National Center For Biotechnology Information U.S shows that stress levels has a direct effect on libido in men. Periods of high pressure removes the thought of sex and motivation for it from the picture entirely. The body's response to stress also plays a part in the loss of sex drive. Stress cause secretion of hormones that causes constriction of peripheral blood vessels which in turn cause weak erections in men. Weak erections in turn diminishes the desire for sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction. This refers to the inability of a man to achieve and sustain penile erection necessary for sex. Erectile dysfunction is classically different to loss of libido, nevertheless, the inability to achieve and sustain an erection necessary for sex inadvertently leads to a loss in the desire and appetite for sex. The two conditions usually go hand in hand.
  • Medications. Believe it or not, a good number of prescription medications cause loss of libido as a side effect. Some of these medications act by lowering testosterone levels which might lead to low libido. Examples of classes of drugs with this side effect include blood pressure lowering medication, tranquilizers and antidepressants.
  • Medical problems. Ill-health and depression can cause loss in sexual desire.  People with depression often experience a lack of interest in activities they previously enjoyed doing e.g sex. In chronic ailments and pains, the body focuses on getting better hence sex and thoughts of sexual intimacy are not priority.
  • Relationship issues with sexual partner also do affect men just as it does women. If the man is not happy with his woman, he unwittingly transfer that emotion to his sex drive and energy.
  • Age. As a man grows older, there is tendency to experience a drop in libido. The testosterone hormone is directly linked with libido. In men, testosterone levels are at their peak in late teens hence the sexual drive of a late teenage boy. Testosterone levels drop off  at about the age of 55 to 65 years in men. Most men experience signs of libido drop off at around 60 years of age. 

Solutions For Low Libido In Men

Understanding low libido, its causes and challenges is the first step towards a solution suitable to the sexual needs of each individual. The following listed approach will prove helpful in addressing low libido in men:
  1. Exercise: Keep the blood flowing by keeping fit. Not only does exercise encourage blood flow to peripheral organs of the body (such as the fingers, toes and male genitals) it also causes the release of endorphin which in turn acts to trigger hormones that stimulate sex drive. Even low intensity exercises such as yoga are beneficial in this regard.
  2. Change Your  Medications. If you notice your low libido started after intake of certain medications, seek advice from your healthcare provider so as to change these medications. This is especially true for men on anti-hypertensive therapy as certain classes of anti-hypertensive medications are notorious for causing low libido in men. You'll do well to switch them.
  3. Get Enough Rest. A well rested body is a body primed up for sexual activity. Get enough rest and give your mind some relaxation time. Sleep and rest can do a lot in reviving libido levels in men.
  4. Improve your diet. Diet can make or mar your efforts to improve your libido. If you want to boost your libido vegetables and fruits such as soy beans, leafy green vegetables, water melons, ginger, ginseng and lettuce should be your best friends. Eggs are also beneficial for libido. As a plus, eggs also do contain the amino acid L-Arginine which is important in addressing erectile dysfuntion in men. To achieve and maintain good libido levels, avoid sugar loaded foods like confectioneries, processed flour, baked flour foods and sugary drinks. They will zap your libido fast. Over indulgence in Ice creams and dairy products in general can squeeze out your libido because of the lactic acid content in them. Do not totally avoid dairy products because of the important calcium content in them, but reduce intake to moderate limits. 
  5. Vitamin supplements containing ingredients and herbs such as maca, tribulus terrestris, niacin, panax gingseng, long pepper and L-arginine at appropriate dosing can provide good help in boosting libido . These formulations provides good supplementation for vitamins and libido boosting herbs usually not gotten in adequate quantities from diet alone so as to help reverse low libido. If you seek vitamin preparations, look for formulations with little or no processed extract and of a good purity grade (Click here). If you are on any prior medication, you'll do well to discuss with your healthcare provider about supplement use.

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  3. "Vitamin supplements containing ingredients and herbs such as maca, tribulus terrestris, niacin, panax gingseng, long pepper and L-arginine at appropriate dosing can provide good help in boosting libido ." I agree with these words but without you cannot make a beautiful body.

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