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Product Review - Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy For Chronic Knee Pain


The knee is the main joint of the body involved in walking movement and hence, are prone to injuries. Chronic knee pain can result from one or a combination of several causes.

Different therapy exists to help manage and cope with chronic knee pain. They all posess varying degrees of effectiveness and side effects from some treatments could also be a source for concern.

The Actipatch Knee Pain Advanced Long-Lasting Therapy seeks to control chronic knee pain using alternative, non-invasive therapy method.

But does it work?

What Is Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy?

The Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy is simply a product that makes use of electromagnetic pulse therapy (referred to in shortened terms as PEMF).

Electromagnetic pulse therapy (PEMF) is a treatment method that relies on the use of magnets to generate moving energy (pulsating energy), which is then directed towards the area of the body with pain or tissue damage.

PEMF in principle has long been demonstrated to change the way the body responds to pain and injury.

What Is In The Package?


Unboxing the Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy pack will reveal:
  • One (small) electromagnetic pulse generating device with round loops
  • Knee wrap for the PEMF device.
  • An instruction leaflet.
The knee wrap material is made of cotton along with elastic bands at the top and bottom to enable firm wrap around the knee

How Does The Actipatch Knee Pain Relief therapy Work?

The small electromagntic pulse generating device with the loop is what is responsible for producing pain relief. The rounded head of the device posess a battery and an On/Off switch to either switch on or switch of the device.


The On/Off switch is located discreetly at the back of the device and it is covered with a white clip. To put the device on, remove the white clip-like covering over the switch, hold down the "on/off" switch for 2 seconds with the thumb and then release. A green light will glow at the front of the device to signify the device is now running.

At this point, the device is generating the electromagnetic pulse around the round loop. The area of pain on the body must be positioned in between the loop as the electromagnetic pulse generated is propagated to this open space. Now this would not be easy to achieve since the device has to be placed on the knee, which happens to be the affected area of pain and chronic discomfort in this instance. This is where the supplied knee wrap comes in handy.

Simply slide in the electromagnetic pulse generating device into the supplied knee wrap (Knee wrap has pouch-like opening at the top) and attach the knee wrap to the knee with its upper and lower ends positioned just above and below the knee. Hold the knee wrap in place with the elastic straps such that it gives a snug fit.

With the device in place, leave it on for at least 8 hours a day. In episodes of severe pain, Actipatch knee pain relief can be worn for up to 24 hours a day.

It should be noted that the tiny battery within the electromagnetic pulse generating device is guarrantteed to power the device and provide 720 hours duration of pain relief therapy. Depending on the extent of use, this can last between 1 month (For people who wear device for 24 hours a day,7 days a week) to 3 months (For people who wear device for 8 hours per day, every day of the week). Less consistent use would mean longer duration of use before exhausting the 720 hours duration of pain relief therapy.

Pros & Cons?

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Actipatch Advanced Knee Pain Relief therapy?

Advantages include:
  • Therapy is drug free. This is especially good for people who are sensitive and react to conventional drugs used for knee, joint and cartilage pain.
  • Powerful pain and inflammation relief action.
  • Easy and discrete to use. 
  • Very safe. Electromagnetic pulse generated at very low levels such as seen in Actipatch Advanced Knee Pain Relief Therapy has guarrantteed safety profile
  • Cost effective solution in dealing with chronic pain
  • Can be used on male and female, teenagers, adults and older people
  • Does not interfere with day to day lifestyle routine.
  • If necessary, device can be used while using conventional drug therapy.
  • During use, you feel no sensation at all unlike a tens machine.  
Disadvantages include;
  • A single pack provides therapy for 720 hours only, after which the device needs to be replaced.
  • Supplied knee wrap does seem itchy to the skin in some instances.
  • You have to wear product continuously for optimal action

Price & Where To Buy

The Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy costs N6,500.00 (Nigerian Naira) for a unit. It is available exclusively for sale online at (Click here and here)


As an alternative therapy for pain relief and tissue damage, electromagnetic pulse therapy (PEMF) is not new. The technology has been in use for about 60 years. What is new with Actipatch Knee Pain Relief Therapy is the portability of the device itself, ease of use and application.

Actipatch Knee Pan Relief Therapy works great for arthritis, tendinitis, runners or jumpers knee, fybromyalgia, strains, sprains and general knee pain.

If you have used different medications for persistent knee pain, you suffer badly from drug reactions due to pain relief medications, you want to look into potent alternative methods for knee pain relief, the Actipatch Knee Pain Relief therapy provides potent therapeutic alternative for effective pain relief from Chronic pain.

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